Authors Read

Lillian and David Brummet are the gracious hosts of the blogtalkradio program, Authors Read, a weekly fifteen minute broadcast presenting live as well as prerecorded readings by storytellers, poets & writers.   Produced in Canada, the show is international and both the featured artists and the audience are diverse, representing many styles and approaches to writing.

This coming Monday the 22nd at 12:00 PM , I’ll be reading from
Primitive Mood.   Since the show is archived, it’s possible to listen to it any time after it appears, using the link here.

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  1. Realization
    By Kalani Kaushalya

    Quite spontaneous
    Wasn’t it between us
    All of the laughter’s
    And All the tears
    Felt as a Soft Rain
    Switched in to the Acid
    Chocking very slowly

    Flushing down cheeks
    We drank the Poison
    Danced in the Flames
    You called it a laughter
    Was it Salty Sadness ?

    Distances unbearable
    Then Irreconcilable
    Hatred began sooner
    Scratched this heart forever

    I yelled so aloud
    Punished my self
    Endlessly though
    Couldn’t get satisfied
    So much of hatred ?
    So much of love ?
    Hated you for mocking me
    With charming words

    Vacuum and the aloofness
    Filled in every moment
    Too much we missed
    In winded channels

    Was it the shame
    Or was it fear
    I could never accept
    You in to my life
    We drifted apart
    Left so much unsaid
    Realization came
    Little too late
    Poignant Destiny
    what we had shared
    I can never hate you
    You are my Beloved

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